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Staff Training Service on Social Economy Enterprise

Date: 07.09.2015

 The mobility initiative aims to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know and compare, with own experience, the strategies and practices for the management of social economy in Italy.

The specific objectives of the “Staff Training Service on Social Economy Enterprise” Study Visit were to give participants the opportunity to:
• acquire a better understanding of the Italian and Tuscan social economy;
• acquire knowledge about the current policies and strategies for the management of social economy;
• acquire information about how the social economy is organized and managed in Italy and in Tuscany in particular;
• acquire information of the existing methods and experiences for the management of social economy;
• share best practices with social enterprises and cooperatives;
• develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation with public and private institutions operating in the field of social economy.

Presentation of the Study Visit

Teachers and staff of EuroEd Foundation (Romania)



    Public Authorities

    CEDIT is the training network of CONFARTIGIANATO. Amongst its activities, CEDIT carries out technical support in the definition of national and regional educational policies addressed to small and medium enterprises.

  • Cooperativa ARCA


    ARCA is a social cooperative, which was created in 1983. It is responsible for the management of social services, social welfare and education in the districts of Florence, Livorno, Lucca, Pisa and Pistoia. Its target groups is represented by elderly people, children, and disadvantaged people.

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