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Quality Management for Schools Managers

Date: 18.05.2015

The Mobility Initiative aims to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know and compare with own experience, the strategies and practices for the organization and management of quality system and certification in education in Italy.

The specific objectives of the “Mobility Initiative is to give participants the opportunity to:
- acquire a better understanding of the Italian and Tuscan Educational and training system
- acquire knowledge about the current policies and strategies for the organisation and management of Quality systems and certification in the Educational System.
- acquire information about how Adult Education is organised and managed in Italy and in Tuscany in particular
- share best practices with Educational and training institutions both at public and private level in the field of Quality certification in Education
- develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation with public and private institutions operating in the field of Education and training in Tuscany

Presentation of the Study Visit

Teachers and directors at CVO Kisp (Centre for Adult Education in the Ghent region - Belgium)


  • Cipat

    Universities and Schools

    Cipat is a Regional Consortium of Public Secondary Schools representing over 40 public schools. The participants met the director of the consortium to learn about their experience in assisting the schools in management issues. A meeting with the staff was also organized in order to learn about their experience and also investigate on possible cooperation.

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A. K. Cvo Kisp, Centre for Adult education in Ghent, Belgium May 2015 Training Course & Study Visit

 I am grateful for the opportunity I got to be in Florence and have these lessons

M. V. Kisp, Centre for Adult education in Ghent, Belgium May 2015 Training Course & Study Visit

I learned a lot from the speakers and I liked the interaction with us as a group. In addition, the programme was tailor made

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