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Tourism and Eno-Gastronomy in Tuscany

Date: 18.11.2012

 The specific objective of the “Tourism and Eno-Gastronomy in Tuscany” Mobility Initiative was to give participants the opportunity to:
• Acquire a better understanding of the Italian and Tuscan tourism sector
• Acquire knowledge about the current policies and strategies for the promotion of tourism
• Acquire information about how tourism is organised and managed in Italy, and in Tuscany in particular
• Acquire information of the existing methods and experiences for the organisation and management of tourism sector in Italy
• Share best practices with tourism institutions both at public and private level
• Develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation with public and private institutions operating in the field of tourism in Tuscany

Presentation of the Study Visit

45 representatives of Swedish companies in the fields of hotellerie, tourism and eno-gastronomy (Sweden)


  • Connectis Srl


    Connectis is a company based in Prato. It was created in 1999 by two computer engineers specialized in electronics. The company has a full time staff team of 12 people, most of them are experts in web development, the company also cooperates with a team of external experts and developers. Connectis’ core business is the creation of Internet applications addressed to public authorities operating in the field of tourism. The company is now the main technical partner of most of the Tuscan public bodies in charge of the promotion and marketing of tourism. The company develops tourism search engines, applications for the electronic transmission of data between tourism operators and public bodies etc. Connectis also develops tourism management database solutions as well as touch screen applications that are being used by public bodies in charge of tourism information. Connectis also develops internet solutions for local and regional associations of lawyers to help them in the digital connection with the Court.
    Finally Connectis develops educational online platforms as well as web sites and portal for different sectors: education, e-business, marketing etc.

  • Confederazione Italiani Agricoltori – CIA


    The "Confederation of Agricultural Enterprises" (CIA) is an organization that operates in Italy, Europe and internationally for the advancement of agriculture and to defend the equal dignity in society and income of farmers. It represents farmers and all those related to agriculture.
    The CIA represents associations, institutes and companies who work on food safety and environmental protection in the field of social security, health, fiscal and tax administration, technical advice, training, insurance, farm, organic farming and to protect the elderly, women and youth.
    The CIA is one of the largest agricultural enterprises organizations in Europe. There are are more than 900.000 members, of which about 300,000 farmers and farm workers.

  • CORE Tourism Network


     CORE is a Tuscan network of excellences in the tourism sector. People who enjoyed the network are extremely innovative and intend to meet the needs of public tour operators and private offerings. CORE’s main objective is the creation of services and products to support the tourism sector, in order to make a competitive product competitive and to acquire new clients.

  • Confesercenti

    Public Authorities

    Founded in Rome in 1971, Confesercenti is one of the leading business associations in Italy. It represents over 270,000 businesses from commerce, tourism, services and crafts and from among small-medium sized businesses (SMB) of industry, capable of providing employment for over 800,000 people. Confesercenti's mission is to represent the world of the small to medium sized businesses that, because of their dynamism, ensure financial growth and the creation of jobs in Italy and Europe. Confesercenti endeavors to contribute to the growth of businesses and with it of the economy and to the development of democracy, through collaboration with institutions, and with social, financial, cultural and humanitarian organizations. To these ends Confesercenti promotes proposals in which it involves the Italian and European public institutions and social powers.

  • Castello di Querceto Vineyard


    Castello di Querceto is a landmark of the Florentine Chianti Classico area, particularly loved by oeno-gastronomic passionate, thanks to the numerous wineries and to the local products typical of Tuscany cooking. The castle is completely surrounded by the green Chianti hills, enclosed by vineyards and woods where you can relax walking in the shade of oak and chestnut threes.
    The estate disposes of ten apartments. Some of them are located directly in the farm centre, very close to the medieval castle, with entrance from the old stone court where the wine shop, the offices and the ancient cellar face. The other apartments have been built in an old country house with hayloft, at about 700 metres from the castle. The house is called “Le Giuncaie” as the vineyard skirting it.

  • Florence Town


    Florence Town was founded in 2006 by Luca Perfetto and Urbano Brini, with the mission to offer unique travels, based on innovative ideas, regular and tailor made tours and itineraries, with a selection of the most exclusive venues and top level services for individual travelers, small groups or special events.

  • Public Office for Tourism Information


    It is the central tourist office of the city of Florence

  • Hotel Monnalisa


    Hotel Monnalisa is one of the best4-star hotels in the historical center of Florence, the extraordinary birthplace of Italian art. Inside the hotel period decor, sculptures and original paintings are conserved in an ambience of irresistible charm, surrounded by discrete and charming luxury, complete with the most modern comforts.

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