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Successful Project Planning & Implementation for EU Funded Projects

Date: 01.07.2013

 The Mobility Initiative, organised by Pixel, aims to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know and compare the strategies and practices for the successful project planning and implementation for EU funded projects.

The specific objectives of the “Successful project planning and implementation for EU funded projects” Mobility Initiative is to give participants the opportunity to:

- Acquire knowledge about the current policies and strategies for project planning and implementation for EU funded projects
- Acquire information about how project planning is organised and managed
- Acquire information of the existing methods and experiences for the planning and the implementation for EU funded projects
- Share best practices with institutions at public level
- Develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation with public institutions operating in the field of European project planning

Presentation of the Study Visit

10 representatives of MEUSAC (Malta - EU Steering & Action Committee


  • Europe Direct Firenze

    Public Authorities

     Hosted by the City Council of Florence, Europe Direct Firenze is active on the territory of Florence since 1999, when it was part of the previous information network Info Point Europe. Europe Direct Firenze offers several services: information and assistance on policies, programs and funding of the European Union; an alert service on the main news from the Union; a searchable database of partners for European projects. The center is especially active in the promotion and implementation of events and seminars on the European subject in the Florence territory and in collaboration with numerous private and institutional partners.

  • Metropoli – Azienda Speciale Firenze

    Public Authorities

     Metropolis is the “operational tool” of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence. Through Metropolis, the Chamber of Commerce provides information on EU to local enterprises and communicates directly with businesses, offering them a number of advisory and technical assistance on issues related to the European Union.

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A.C. EU Steering & Action Committee, Malta July 2013 Training Course & Study Visit

I really enjoyed the mobility initiative. Pixel was welcoming throughout the visit and we were greatly assisted before and during the visit. The facilities of the training centre were also of an excellent standard. 

N.P. EU Steering & Action Committee, Malta July 2013 Training Course & Study Visit

Very insightful training. I would definitely mention it to other colleagues. Looking forward to working with Pixel again.  

More information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]


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