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Innovative Practices in Adult Education

Date: 14.10.2012

The Study Visit,  organized by Pixel, aimed to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know and compare with own experience, the strategies and practices for the organization and management of adult education initiatives in Italy.

The specific objectives of the “Innovative Practices in Adult Education” Mobility Initiative was to give participants the opportunity to:
• Acquire a better understanding of the Italian and Tuscan Adult Education system
• Acquire knowledge about the current policies and strategies for the organisation and management of the Adult Education.
• Acquire information about how Adult Education is organised and managed in Italy and in Tuscany in particular
• Experience the delivery of Adult Education lectures
• Acquire information of the existing methods and experiences for the organisation and management of Adult Education initiatives
• Share best practices with Adult Education institutions both at public and private level
• Develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation with public and private institutions operating in the field of Adult Education in Tuscany

12 members of the Cvo Kisp Executive Board (center for adult education in the Ghent region - Belgium)


  • Technical and Vocational Institute Leonardo da Vinci

    Universities and Schools

    Leonardo da Vinci is a technical and vocational school created in September 1900.
    The school staff is composed by over 400 teachers.
    The school trains every year over 1000 students providing vocational education courses in the following disciplines: mechanics, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, chemistry, computer science.
    The age of the students of the Technical and Vocational Institute is 14 to 19.

  • Eurocentres

    Universities and Schools

    The Eurocentres school, the oldest state-recognized school of foreign languages in Florence, can be found in Palazzo Guadagni, a Renaissance palace dating from the 16th century which is located in the middle of the old town centre near the Ponte Vecchio. Eurocentres is a Swiss Foundation which was established in 1948 to help people to learn to communicate in different languages. At present Eurocentres teaches in 35 schools around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. About 13'000 students annually study one of the world's most important languages at Eurocentres: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian or Japanese.

  • Centro Machiavelli


    Since 1978 the Italian language school Centro Machiavelli has been a meeting place for those drawn to Italian. It hold courses in Italian language, History of Art (interpreting the iconography), Music (opera), Italian cooking and Cultural and recreational activities such as seminars, guided visits, workshops, excursions , field trips.

  • IAL Toscana

    Public Authorities

    IAL Toscana is an agency for professional training promoted by the Trade Union CISL Toscana. Created in 1997, its aims are: to develop the know-how of young people giving them a training opportunity oriented to a professional integration, to sustain the personal growth of workers improving their professional competences, to contribute to the local social and economic development increasing the professional skills of the human resources. IAL Toscana intends to prevent the continuous evolutions happening within the job market. This is the main reason why IAL stands as the people looking for a job or needing a professional retraining as the companies attempting to increase their position within local and national market. IAL realizes educational activities addressed to adult people in order to reskill their competences and to avoid the social exclusion, helping them to keep their position over the job market.

  • Centro Territoriale Permanente “Beato Angelico”

    Universities and Schools

     The “Beato Angelico” Adult Education Public institution is specialized for all the actions of cultural promotion, literacy and professional requalification: those activities are realized through monographic courses.
    The Adult Education Public institution represent the “Italian way” in order to promote the lifelong education by promoting the acquisition and the consolidation of specific competences, the professional requalification and the participation to social life. At the end of the courses, participants receive titles, certifications and formative credits.

  • University of Florence – Department of Education and Initial Teachers Training

    Universities and Schools

    The University of Florence has 12 faculties and over 100 departments. The Department of Education and Initial Teachers Training has a long history and tradition in education. It derives from the Institute of Pedagogy, founded in 1935, and is today a leading research department in education. It includes three main research laboratories (Educational Technology Laboratory; Laboratory of research on didactics, special education, handicap support and juvenile disease help; and International Laboratory on Lifelong Learning), two PhD Programs (Educational Research Methodology: theory and history, and Quality of Educational and Training Processes) and five main research areas in education (History and Philosophy of Education; Social Pedagogy and Theories of Education; Research Methods in Education; Educational Technology; Adult Education).

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B.B. Cvo Kisp, Centre for Adult education in Ghent, Belgium October 2012 Training Course & Study Visit

I appreciated the wide range of organisations we visited, their warm welcome and the possibility to interact.

M.V. Cvo Kisp, Centre for Adult education in Ghent, Belgium October 2012 Training Course & Study Visit

It has been a very productive and interesting experience whit helped us in creating a possible network of contacts

S.D. Cvo Kisp, Centre for Adult education in Ghent, Belgium October 2012 Training Course & Study Visit

The meeting and confrontation between Italian and Belgian institutions was a plus

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