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How to Organise and Manage Grundtvig In Service Training Courses

Date: 07.06.2010

The participants learned about courses offered under the Grundtvig initiative and getting a course published in the Grundtvig course list
As the result of our training the participants ran their  first international course for which participants could ask a Grundtvig grant.

Presentation of the Study Visit

5 people from Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Estonia


  • Technical and Vocational Institute Leonardo da Vinci

    Universities and Schools

    Leonardo da Vinci is a technical and vocational school created in September 1900.
    The school staff is composed by over 400 teachers.
    The school trains every year over 1000 students providing vocational education courses in the following disciplines: mechanics, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, chemistry, computer science.
    The age of the students of the Technical and Vocational Institute is 14 to 19.

  • Eurocentres

    Universities and Schools

    The Eurocentres school, the oldest state-recognized school of foreign languages in Florence, can be found in Palazzo Guadagni, a Renaissance palace dating from the 16th century which is located in the middle of the old town centre near the Ponte Vecchio. Eurocentres is a Swiss Foundation which was established in 1948 to help people to learn to communicate in different languages. At present Eurocentres teaches in 35 schools around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. About 13'000 students annually study one of the world's most important languages at Eurocentres: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian or Japanese.

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E.R. Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Estonia June 2010 Seminar

In the seminar there was a lot of good practical information and ideas.

K.H. Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Estonia June 2010 Seminar

The  seminar was created especially to meet our need.

K.V. Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Estonia June 2010 Seminar

We received a very nice hospitality and excellent food. The course was very good.

S.T. Tartu Vocational Education Centre, Estonia June 2010 Seminar

The seminar was useful for gettig the most information possible in the shortest time.

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