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In Service Staff Mobility

Pixel creates fully customized mobility proposals for in-service staff willing to come to Florence for a one or two week study visit.

The purpose of the study visit is for in-service staff to get to know the Italian labour market and the Italian experiences in their field of work. The study visit provides the participants with the opportunity to meet Italian colleagues who work in the same field so as to establish the basis for possible future cooperation.

Institutions interested in this initiative have the possibility to obtain funds to cover all costs related to the study visit within the Leonardo da Vinci PLM or VETPRO initiatives.

The study visit is fully customized every time for each group.

Examples of proposals for study visits:
The proposals in the list above are only examples that can be completely changed and fully adapted to each group’s needs. We can also develop a completely new proposals on request of a group

More information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]


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