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Participant Evaluation
S. S.
Eyup Local Authority of Education

EPS-EU - Edition 02
Our trainer was perfect. Thanks to everyone in "Pixel family". We've felt like home here. We love everyone.
J. B.
Primary School Tenja

EPS-EU - Edition 01
I'm very satisfied with the training, I had some information before the course, but with the course I definitly expanded my knowledge and now I have more information that will be useful for me. Excellent organization, very professional, I would reccomended to others.
E. T.
Heimtali Primary School

EPS-EU - Edition 02
Keep up the good work! I got inspirational ideas and I can now discover the world in a new way.
L. D.
Istituto Superiore

EPS-EU - Edition 02
Complete, serious, puntual, stimulating. I'm very happy and satisfy to have participate to this course. It has gived me a real idea of "what" means thinking and working European.
N. D.
Kocatepe Mehmet Lutfiye Donmez Primary School

EPS-EU - Edition 01
Thank you for your kindness and the useful information we had gained.


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