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Drug Prevention and Information Programme - DPIP The Call for Proposal JUST/2011-2012/DPIP/AG was published in the framework of the DPIP Programme. The Specific Programme DPIP is part of the General Programme "Fundamental Rights and Justice". The general objective of the DPIP Programme is setting targets for all EU drug-related activities, in order to attain a high level of protection, well-being and social cohesion by preventing and reducing drug use, dependence and drug-related harms to health and society.

The projects under this DPIP Programme’s call for proposals include the following priorities:

• Ensure the expansion of the knowledge base, the exchange of information and identification and dissemination of good practices in the area of drug-demand reduction

• Raise awareness of the health and social problems caused by drug use or which influence drug consumption, and to encourage an open dialogue with a view to promoting a better understanding of the phenomenon of drugs

• Support measures aimed at preventing drug use, including by addressing reduction of drug-related harm and treatment methods taking into account the latest state of scientific knowledge

• Projects aimed at the involvement of civil society in the implementation of the European Union's Drug Strategy and Action Plans on Drugs

• Projects aimed at the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of specific actions under the Drugs Action Plan 2009-2012

The target groups for the results of this DPIP Programme’s call for proposal are all those who may be affected by the consequences of drug use, including: young people, women, vulnerable groups and people living in socially disadvantaged areas. Other target groups (intermediary beneficiaries) are, inter alia, teachers and educational staff, parents, social workers, local and national authorities, medical and paramedical staff, judicial staff, law enforcement and penitentiary authorities, NGOs, trade unions and religious communities.

Eligible participants within this DPIP Programme’s call for proposal must be legally constituted non-profit public or private organisations and institutions (non-governmental organisations, regional and local authorities at the relevant level, university departments and research centres) based in one of the 27 Member States of the European Union and/or eligible EFTA States. Public bodies at national/central level and international organisations are not eligible under this DPIP call

The eligible actions that can be funded within this DPIP Programme’s call for require a minimum partnership of 2 eligible organisations from 2 different EU Member States and cannot have an initial duration exceeding 24 months. If the applicant/partner is from any of the EFTA States that are parties to the EEA Agreement (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway- hereafter referred to as the "eligible EFTA States") the project must involve in addition at least two eligible organisations from two different EU Member States.

The total budget available for this DPIP Programme’s call for proposal amounts to EUR 4.953.200. EU funding cannot constitute more than of 80% of overall eligible project cost and requested amount under this call cannot be less than EUR 75.000

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current DPIP Programme’s Call for Proposals is 17 April 2012.

Further information on the current DPIP Programme’s Call for Proposals is available at: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/newsroom/files/dpip_cfp_ag_2011_2012.pdf


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