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Progress Programme Call for Proposal on Social Experimentation

Progress Programme
In the framework of the PROGRESS Programme, the European Commission has published the Call for Proposals VP/2010/007 on social experimentation.

This PROGRESS Programme’s call for proposals has the objective to promote social experimentation as a source of innovation in the social policies.
Social experimentation, according to the Progress Programme, should:
- Provide innovative answers to social needs;
- Initially be undertaken on a small scale owing to existing uncertainty as to their effects;
- Be implemented in conditions which ensure the possibility of measuring their effects;
- Be repeated on a wider scale if the results prove convincing.

The expected results to be produced by projects submitted within this call for proposals of the Progress Programme, should focus on developing and testing socially innovative approaches to EU policy priorities in the context of the social protection and social inclusion such as active inclusion, child poverty and social inclusion of migrants.
Particular attention will be paid to projects with a focus on the social inclusion of young
People which is very relevant for the PROGRESS Programme.
The Commission would also welcome innovative projects related to the transition from
institutional care to community-based alternatives in respect of the elderly, children, persons with disabilities.

The award criteria that will be applied for this call for proposals published within the PROGRESS programme include:
- Relevance and degree to which the proposal meets the objectives of this PROGRESS programme call for proposals and methodology used to reach them.
- Consistency of the project submitted within this call for proposals of the PROGRESS programme with the social inclusion objectives promoted by the EU.
- Innovative character
- Mutual learning
- Impact
- Trans-national dimension
- Quality of the proposal
- Quality of the partnerships
- Quality of the monitoring and evaluation strategy
- Consistency and quality of the budget

The total available budget for this call for the experimentation projects published within the PROGRESS programme is approximately 2.5 million euro. It is envisaged that around 10 projects will be selected.
Financial aid granted by the Union to each project submitted within this call for proposals of the PROGRESS Programme will not exceed 80% of the total eligible

The deadline for submitting proposals within the experimentation projects call for proposals of the PROGRESS Programme is 31/08/2010.

Further information on this Call for Proposals for experimentation projects of the PROGRESS Programme can be found here  


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