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Conference on the Future of European Education


The Conference entitled "Education, the future of Europe? Europe, the future of education?" will be held in Paris on 20-21 November 2010.
The conference is organized by the French section of AEDE the European Association of Education to try and assess the achievements in the area of European education.

The French section of the European Association of Education has as its main aim the education for European citizenship. This is confirmed by its current projects focusing on the development of a portfolio of European competences of teachers, the organization of teachers and students mobility at transnational level, the development of educational resources as well as the production and distribution of the publications labeled "Education for Europe", the participation in the creation of a “European label” for educational institutions, the participation in international events, the contribution to the creation of trans-national school networks etc. The French section of the European Association of Education intends to promote the knowledge of European issues in the education sector.

The Conference entitled "Education, the future of Europe? Europe, the future of education?" will be based on analyses of experiments, evaluation reports, theoretical research.
During the Conference the following questions will be addressed:
Part 1 of the Conference: Education, the future of Europe?
1. How can formal education contribute to the development of European citizenship literacy? What would that imply for Teacher Training Institutions?
2. What bridges connect the inhabitants of the European area (territories, history, values, languages, shared experiences, etc.)?
3. What place does mobility within the European Union occupy in the development of the European citizen?
Part 2 of the Conference: Europe, the future of education?
4. How can comparative studies at European level and the recommendations of the European Union stimulate new dynamism and innovation in the training of European teachers and other educational staff, as well as in pedagogical approaches?
Call for Papers in the framework of the Conference
• Maximum size: 2500 characters, including spaces.
• With a title, the name(s) and details of the author(s); methodology and an optional bibliography of 5 titles max.
• Must be written in .doc, .docx, .odt or .rtf
• Must be sent to the scientific committee organizing the Conference ([email protected]) by 31st August, 2010.
More information on the Conference can be obtained contacting the conference organizers:
AEDE France
Maison de l'Europe de Rennes et de Haute Bretagne
10 place du Parlement
35000 Rennes
[email protected]


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