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The Call for Proposals for "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth" has been published,  in the framework of the European Programme Youth in Action, by the European Commission, Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency.

This call for proposals concerns structural support, referred to as operating grant, to bodies active at European level in the field of youth and pursuing an aim which is of general European interest.

The objective of the current Call for proposals for "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth" is to support bodies, which through their permanent, usual and regular activities contribute to the objectives of the ‘Youth in action’ programme. These activities must help encourage young people to participate as citizens in public life, in society and in the development and implementation of European cooperation actions in the broadly defined field of youth.

This call for proposals, published in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme,  aims at the selection of organizations for the conclusion of annual operating grant agreements covering the budget year 2013. It does not concern organizations having concluded a framework partnership agreement with the Executive Agency for 2011-2013.

The current  Call for Proposals of the European Programme ESPON includes the following priorities:

-  Territorial Impact Assessments

- Identifying and Exchanging Best Practice in Developing Regional Integrated Strategies in Europe

-  Territorial Performance Monitoring 

- Selective Migration in Rural Regions

- Smart Institutions for Territorial Developments

Eligible participants within this call for proposal of the Youth in Action Programme are:

- European non-governmental organizations;

- Informal European networks: composed of independent organizations in at least eight eligible countries.

To be eligible for an operating grant, a body must:

- be non-profit-making,

- be non-governmental,

- have been legally registered for at least one year on the date of submission of applications, C 271/8 Official Journal of the European Union 8.9.2012 EN;

- be a youth body or one having a broader scope but including a section dedicated to youth,

- involve young people in managing activities developed with them in mind,

- have at least one (salaried or non-salaried) permanent member of staff. An exception is granted to bodies that have never received grants under this action and that intend to employ a permanent member of staff if this grant is awarded.

The actions that can be funded within the Youth in Action Programme can include:

- representing the views and interests of young people in their diversity at European level,

- youth exchanges and voluntary services,

- non-formal and informal learning and activity programmes targeted at young people,

- promoting intercultural learning and understanding,

- debate on European matters, EU policies or youth policies,

- dissemination of information on European Union action,

- actions promoting participation and initiative by young people.

The total budget available for this "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth" call for papers amounts to EUR 800 000. Financial contribution from the Union budget cannot exceed 80 % of the provisional expenses (for applicants using the budget-based grant calculation, this refers to 80 % of the eligible costs. The maximum grant for each body will be EUR 35 000 for an annual agreement.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current "Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth" call for proposals is 15 November 2012.

Further information on the current call for proposals of the Youth in Action Programme  is available on the European Commission’s web site at:


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