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MST_EU - Master in European Project Planning and Management
Edition 07 (from 15/10/2018 to 14/12/2018)
Participant Evaluation
G. M.
Democritus University of Thrace
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 07
Attending this master programme was a major milestone in my career and one of the best periods in my life. Being interested in acquiring skills and knowledge concerning European projects I was fully satisfied with the programme. The delivered training material was up to date and relevant to the real professional challenges of this field. Also the practical activities during classroom course were really fitting for understanding the work to be carried out during a project. All trainers are real-life professionals with a long experience in that field, providing the students with a lot of knowledge. Moreover, it was a really pleasant experience staying in beautiful Florence and meeting all these interesting colleagues from around the world. I still remember with joy my time in Florence and I made new friendships with my colleagues there. During my Internship at Limerick Institute of Technology, I got first-hand and useful experience in European projects, which help me during my current role as a project manager in a private company specialized in the SME instrument programme. Shortly after the internship, I was offered a job as a European Project Manager in Las Palmas. I recommend this programme to any professional who want to gain knowledge and experience in European projects. July 2019
A. B.
Studio 3R s.a.s. di Alessandro e Sven Stefano Tilia
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 07
From October to December 2018 I attended the International Master in European Project Planning and Management. The training path has successfully integrated the theoretical aspects with the practical ones and the teachers, all highly experienced, have provided adequate knowledge tools to be used in subsequent work experiences. I also want to mention the tutors, which were always available and supportive. My expectations on the course were quite specific, as I wanted to expand my skills in developing ideas and projects within my company and I consider the results achieved very significant.
C. C.
University of Bologna
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 07
The International Master in European Project Planning and Management offers a valid occasion to access main relevant information regarding some of the most challenging European Funding Programmes. The group of trainers was quite variagated in terms of professional and social skills. Their direct involvement within small/medium/large organizations working on European projects was an asset. Moreover, the fact that some trainers work in the European Institutions is a relevant point of strength. Practical activities were another important element. These activities, together with the project work were the main occasion to dive into the real situations faced by every project manager. Last but not least, the internship is one of the reasons why I personally considered the Master programme as a good opportunity.
J. K.
Jomo Kenyatta University
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 07
The International Master’s in European Project Planning and Management was very well delivered and the course content fully satisfied my learning expectations. The trainers were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and shared real project management challenges and solutions. The practical activities enhanced my project management skills and helped me in landing my dream job. I enjoyed relating with fellow course participants and learned a lot from them given their diverse backgrounds/experience.
D. K.
German University of Administration Sciences Speyer
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 07
The relevance of the course contents, the skills of the trainers, the practical activities carried out, the relations with the other course participants and the usefulness of the project work were well designed and constituted. The practical experience during the internship refined the theoretical aspects of the Master course. After the internship, I asked the hosting institution for an extension, which was agreed in the form of part-time employment for the 5 months. In this period, I have been working in the budgeting of EU-funded projects and I have been responsible for the visibility of the EU-funded projects. In August I positively applied for the full-time position of financial administrator within my hosting institution.


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