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MST_EU - Master in European Project Planning and Management
Edition 06 (from 16/10/2017 to 15/12/2017)
Participant Evaluation
J. F.
Joël Ficet
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
I had been working for a while in the academic sector as a political science researcher in France and Belgium when I decided to attend the International Master on European Project Planning and Management. I appreciated greatly the classes in Florence. The instructors were experienced in a variety of funding programmes and the teaching approach was practical and comprehensive. During my internship I had to opportunity to put the skills learned in the Master into practice and the writing of the Horizon 2020 application was finalized in less than two months! Shortly after the end of the internship, I was able to obtain a position as “Research project coordinator” in charge of supporting the development of European research consortia at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). The Master diploma and the internship experience were crucial to convince my new employers of the relevance of my candidacy. I was even able to describe during the job interview funding opportunities which they had not heard about before! Brussels, Belgium, January 2019
M. P.
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
The classroom course was a great opportunity to learn and update latest information on the EU funded programmes as well as how to be effective in planning and managing European projects. Key knowledge was provided by skilled trainers with impressive experience and competences. During the internship I was able to support and learn insights of the EU Interreg BSR project daily implementation. The course was an exciting international studying experience, among wonderful professionals, a possibility to broaden personal network. Interaction between course mates created a special supportive atmosphere encouraging for further interaction beyond the course. My new gained knowledge has been already evaluated as a competitive professional competence and solid proficiency in EU project planning and management. Thank you Pixel team for daily technical support, practical advices, as well as for the balanced content of the course programme. October 2018
S. G.
Political Studies Institute - Aix-en-Provence
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
The Master course was a good combination of lectures and practical activities. It was a great opportunity to acquire competences in project writing. The trainers had long-time experience in the EU Projects field. During the course, I met other people interested in this field, learned to work in team and established a network of new colleagues. During the internship I put into practice the methodology acquired in project writing at LIT in Ireland. I totally recommend the placement experience at LIT for both professional and human dimension. At the end of this experience, I have been hired as European Project Manager at the University of Montpellier in France where I am currently working. November 2018
A. C.
Università degli Studi di Padova
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
The Master was extremely useful. Teachers are all passionate, clear and available for any question. I found classes intense and very interesting and they are actually based on professional experience in the field. Thanks to the practical activities and the final project work I had the chance to put in practice the knowledge acquired, gain new competences and improve my skills. It was a pleasure to work together with my master colleagues. We are still in touch and some of them are now close friends. The internship was a once in a life experience. The team is absolutely amazing. I had the chance to collaborate to writing three Erasmus projects. I am currently working in a European Project Consulting in Rome: I love it and I really think that European Project Planning and Management is the job I have always wanted. Rome, Italy, November 2018
A. B.
University of Bologna
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
I really enjoyed the Master programme and I am totally satisfied with my decision to do the internship in Kaunas as I had the chance to learn a lot and take part in loads of events. The work environment was very stimulating. My tutor was just the perfect mentor. The enthusiasm and passion she puts in both her life and job gave me the motivation to improve myself every day. My questions were always answered, she always shared her experiences with me and involved me in several activities and events.
A. R.
University of Cagliari
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
I especially appreciated the variety of contents developed during the classroom course in order to give students an overall picture of what European projects are. Trainers explained their subjects combining theory with concrete examples of their personal experience. For me the most relevant part of the course was the everyday practical activities carried out during classrooms and the creation of our own project, because it really gave us the chance to implement our ideas in a concrete way and to deal with diversities within the group. Regarding this point, I have to say discussions with colleagues were always very mature and positive despite different personalities. Of course, this applied also to the internship, which was the natural following of the Master’s course in order to put in practice the skills acquired during the lessons.

M. C.
University of Cagliari
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
I took part in the sixth edition of Pixel’ Master in European Project Planning and Management. I started with very little knowledges about European funds and none about Project Planning and Management. At the end of the Master, I had enough instruments and knowledge for being able to measure myself with the labour market. I also had the opportunity to grow as a man, thanks to the international environment in which I have met different kind of people, cultures and habits, working all together side by side. The course is full of practical activities and the lecturers are professionals coming from specific fields, offering their experience in their fields and not just academic lectures. I suggest this Master to everyone who is interested in European project planning and management. June 2019
C. A.

Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
The experience that the Master in European Project Planning and Management at Pixel has provided me with has been fulfilling. On the one hand, it has been very enriching to share classroom with people with similar concerns and common objectives. The topics broadly discussed by a wide variety of lecturers specialised in each of the course topics have given us different and varied perspectives. On the other hand, the large variety of opportunities for internship has allowed us to find one that fits each of the individual concerns of the group. Although I have not continued in the place where I did the internship, I consider of great value all what I have learned there. September 2018
A. A.
University of West Scotland
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 06
The International Master’s in European Project and Planning Management course by Pixel is a very well delivered course. The trainers are very helpful, approachable, and can give you personal advice on career progressions, and opportunities. The practical activities helped me enhanced my project management skills and helped me in landing a job in a very significant public body.


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