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MST_EU - Master in European Project Planning and Management
Edition 05 (from 10/10/2016 to 09/12/2016)
Participant Evaluation
A. A.

Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
My goals and objectives were achieved during the Master, which were to get knowledge on EU funding opportunities and their applying methods. After 2 months classroom based lectures, I started the 3 months internship in Innolabs Srl., Livorno, Italy. During the internship, under the guidance of my supervisor, I participated in the management of the ongoing projects as well as in partners meetings. After a successful 3 month internship program in Innolabs srl I got an offer from my supervisor to continue the collaboration. The accumulated one year experience in the field of EU project writing and management enriched my curriculum. Currently I am working as EU Funded Projects Consultant in an Italian consulting company named Novareckon Srl based in Novara. Summing up, the Master served as huge input in my further career growth, development and life itself. Novara, May 2018
M. N.
University of Fribourg
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
The Master trainers are highly qualified as well as good presenters. The relevance of the training content was confirmed by my ability to put theory into practice during my internship. My relation with course participants was interactive, supportive and respectful. This good relationship was the basis for a successful project work. The internship was valuable. The experiences gained have no doubt enhanced my career. After the Master experience The Development Concern Centre in Ghana has engaged me to collaborate in the planning and management of EU Education and Health projects in 7 Districts Assemblies of the Ministry of Local Government for the development of these deprived district communities in Northern Ghana. Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, September 2017
A. D.

Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
The Master in European Project Planning & Management was the perfect completion of my studies and the basis on which to build my professional career. Thanks to it, I was able to quickly enter the labour market. After the internship, indeed, I was offered a job by a consultancy company based in Rome where I am in charge of scouting European funding opportunities and of European project planning. Among the Master’s strongest points, the relevance of the training contents, the skills and the experience of the trainers and the applied teaching method, which combines theoretical lectures and practical simulations. In addition, the final project work provided me with “on-field” experience, through which I had the opportunity to develop a real project proposal. During the internship, which I consider to be the added value of this Master, I had the chance to prove myself in a real and ideal working environment in Brussels and this relevant experience also opened up new career opportunities. As mentioned, I am currently working for an organization active in the field of EU funding, but I also have received other relevant job offers in the last few months and I was able to choose the one I found more relevant for me. Rome, September 2017
I. T.
University of Camerino
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
After a PhD and a working experience in industry, I decided to attend the International Master in “EU Project Planning and Management” in 2016-2017. The classroom course is intensive and well structured, with a good balance between theory and practice. The value of the Master is the practical group work organized by each of the trainers. These activities gave the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concept, stimulate the collaboration and develop interpersonal skills that are fundamental in this job. The lessons are very interactive involving and stimulating. After the classroom course, I carried out a three-month internship at Evolaris in Graz (Austria) and it was a great experience! At the end of the internship I continued to work at Evolaris as Assistant EU Project Manager for other two months. This experience as intern gave me the opportunity to launch my career in the field of the EU funding opportunities and open my job perspectives. I´m currently working as Innovation & Research Consultant in a company based in Graz and I´m fully satisfied with the Master and the great opportunity to work in a stimulate and dynamic environment. Gratz, Austria, August 2017.
Z. Z.
University of Flensburg
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
The Master proposed by Pixel has contributed to realise my ambition of becoming a project planner and manager for European projects. The course is well balanced between theory and practice. The practical activities of the Master will result fundamental during the internship period. I have found its contents very useful because they were focused on topics and techniques which I am applying in my current job. The internship with the hosting organisation has been very successful and, after the training period, I have been asked to keep working with them as a project planner and manager, in Brussels. I strongly recommend this Master for all of those who wish to become expert project managers in the field of European Affairs while learning in a motivating intercultural environment surrounded by the beauty of Florence. Brussels, Belgium, September 2017
A. B.
University of Turin
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
The Master in European Project Planning and Management has been an excellent opportunity to get an in-depth training on the structure and functioning of European programmes and on the different steps entailed in all European projects, from the writing of a proposal to project management activities. The fact that all trainers are professionals with years of experience is a real plus, together with the many practical activities that provided me with an insight on the work involved in the managing of a European project. I have also really appreciated the international dimension of the course, as my classmates came from different parts of the world (France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Armenia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Ghana...). Working together on the writing of a final project has been engaging and exciting also from a personal point of view. The internship offered right after the training course has been one of the main reason why I decided to apply to this master and it has been a real integration to the class-based training. At the moment, I am in Spain, working for a company offering services to the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission and promoting projects in the field of education. Barcelona, Spain, September 2017.
B. N.
University of International Business
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
I am extremely pleased with the content of the course. I want to emphasize that I am greatly impressed by the trainers’ enthusiasm and approach to teaching. Trainers were very engaging, energetic and made sure everyone was included in the learning process. The theory was complemented by practical exercises and case studies. The project work, we have simulated at the end of the course, has been a great opportunity not only in terms of project management, but it also gave us a better understanding of what kind of leadership skills you need to be an effective team member. My internship experience was good too, as I practiced the knowledge and skills I have acquired during the theoretical part. As a result of this course, I am currently employed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and currently deployed to Bangladesh to work as Programme Officer. October 2017
G. C.
Air Force Academy
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
First of all, I would like to thank you so much for the knowledge and skills gained during this amazing experience!!! During 2016, I was looking for job opportunities and/or post graduate courses. I have found the "International Master in EU Projects Planning and Management" organised by Pixel and I have decided to take this challenge with the hope to improve my professional skills and to find easier a good job. I HAVE TO SAY THAT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE: I have only 2 days left of my Internship in Limerick Institute of Technology and I have 3 job offers on my hands at present!!! The first one is to stay in Limerick Institute of Technology where I am currently performing the internship! The second is based in Dublin, working as EU Project Manager for a SME doing projects under H2020 funding programme! And the 3rd one is for a private company in Italy, working as Project Manager as well!!! Now I have to decide which one will be the best opportunity for my professional career. I really want to thank you again and I am more then satisfied with the Master!!! I will highly recommend it! Limerick, March 2017
J. C.
University of Porto
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
I decided to hold this Master because I wanted to acquire knowledge about project management and about rules and procedures for funding opportunities. At Pixel, during the theoretical part of this Master, I had the privilege of meeting and taking classes with professionals in the field, specialists in different areas and funding programs of the European Commission, trainers with a lot of work and training experience. Their quality as trainers has been largely high-level and with clear and objective transmission of fundamental and relevant knowledge, in addition to the sharing of various essential resources and methodologies. The program and contents of the Master are well organized and provide many different and pertinent and coherent learning. The Master was very practical, which helped to an effective acquisition of the acquired knowledge, including the final project realized in group/team. The group was made up of trainees from different backgrounds and different nationalities, the same for the trainers, and this greatly enriched the experience. There was a lot of sharing of experiences and a lot of group works, generating an invaluable working environment and cooperation.September 2017
S. V.
Complutense University of Madrid
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 05
I really enjoyed the Master course. I think it gives a relevant overview of the different funding programmes of the European Union and it offers the opportunity to work with different people since many practical activities are organized during the classroom based course. Each week you are sited in a different part of the class, so that you can meet everyone and work with different colleagues each time. In my edition, there was a very good environment among us and we were happy with the skills of all teachers. The project work is quite hard but you can have a flavour of what writing a proposal means. From my point of view, one of the best things of the Master is the internship. This gives you a first contact with the labor market in this field which may open you some doors! In my case I did find a job after the internship (not in the same place I did the internship but in a small consultancy firm in Barcelona) and I am still working with them. September 2016


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