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MST_EU - Master in European Project Planning and Management
Edition 04 (from 12/10/2015 to 11/12/2015)
Participant Evaluation
E. T.
University of Tirana
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
A professional Master program led by a very successful organization. I gained a new perspective and strengthened my core needs, as well as developed my management thinking. The quality of the program was impressive. Moreover, completing the Pixel master program has given me confidence. Getting into this program was the best start I could ever get to make a career in the field of European Project Planning and Management. June 2016
R. L.
University of Tirana, Faculty of Law
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The Master course was very well organized and structured, a good combination of lectures and practical activities. It was a great opportunity to acquire competences in project writing and management. I also had the opportunity to meet interesting people from many different countries, create new contacts and establish a network of new colleagues. During the internship I put into practice the knowledge acquired during the intensive months of study. I was involved in writing project proposals and in the implementation of ongoing projects. The internship also helped me establish new contacts and set up a new network of colleagues. If you are keen on investing in a fruitful experience, I would recommend following this master course due to all benefits you will have not only during the course but also for your future development. Tirana, June 2016
S. A.
University of Vienna
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
I decided to take up this master’ course because I wanted to gain skills in Project Management. I was happy with my decision because - first of all - it was not time consuming and the total duration was only six month. Secondly it was both classroom based and internship abroad. The courses covered each and every step involved in European Project management. The classroom based course had many practical exercises almost every day and this helped us to learn things faster. It was my first visit to Italy, I got to know about a new country, I made new friends and I am hired by the same company where I did my internship. So, for me, it was a great experience and I highly recommend this course to those who wish to pursue their career in European Project planning and Management. September 2016
Z. S.
University of Sarajevo
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The content of the master course was very well explained and consistent with our needs. It was presented well to the course participants and completed with very good and useful practical activities. The teachers owned and shared a very good knowledge. They presented their lectures in an interesting manner. The practical activities carried out were useful for creating long term knowledge. The atmosphere during the lessons between teachers and students, and among students, was so friendly, entertaining and - at the same time - focused on gaining as much knowledge as possible. The project work was the way of implementing what was learned during the Master course in the common work and I consider it as a good step for the end of the course. August 2016
Y. D.
Proximus Engineering Ltd.
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The master course provided me with relevant knowledge and skills on project planning and management, which are also applicable to other aspects in business and economy. The training contents were very relevant and a lot of practical activities were organized. Another positive aspect of the course were the trainers, who are project evaluators, officers in various EU institutions and experts in European projects, who shared practical insights, gained from their personal experience. The internship was also very useful, because I experienced how European projects are ran in real life. What was also great about the course is that you get to meet people from all over the world with whom you can build long-lasting friendships and future business connections. In our edition we had people from 15 different countries. Thanks to this master course I can now start planning a project for my own company. Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2016
C. D.
University of National and World Economy
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
I took part in the fourth edition of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management. We had a lot of practical tasks and activities to prepare us for the internship and to teach us how to work. During my internship, which was a great experience, I worked as an assistant European project manager in the international office of Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri near Bilbao in Spain. My main responsibilities were: writing project proposals for the Erasmus+ Programme (both KA2 and KA1 actions) as well as attending project meetings and conferences. Sofia, June 2016
M. A.
University of National and World Economy
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The course is very well organized and it is really intense learning also. The training contents are perfectly matched with the job of European project manager. The trainers were very good at their job. The classroom activities and the project work were helpful for backing up our theoretical knowledge. As for the other participants in the course, I am grateful that, even though the room was full of so many different people, I managed to create very good friendships and expand my interpersonal skills. Also, I am eternally happy that I got to spend this time in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Florence! I think of this experience as a very enriching one. October 2016
I. A.
Luiss School of Government
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
I graduated in Political Science from LUISS Guido Carli and I hold a MA of Arts in European Studies at LUISS School of Government. I always thought to be more suitable for very concrete, down to earth jobs, which is precisely why I decided to attend the International Master in European Planning and Management: it enabled me to go beyond the "theory" concerning European Union and to have a grasp of what European projects were and how they worked in practice. After the three month period in Florence, I went to Porto to intern at Inova Mais for three months. After the three months of internship, I continued to collaborate with Inova Mais as Assistant project Manager for other three months. After that I was chosen to work at the British Council EU Affairs Department in Brussels. I have so far supported the application process of three project proposals, one of H2020 and two of Erasmus plus. Brussels, June 2017
B. H.
University of Prishtina
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The decision to pursue the International Master in European Project Planning and Management was a great step for me. Pixel’s programme is specifically designed to combine theoretical and practical lessons so the students could absorb the information and understand the process easily. In addition to the three months classes held in Florence, Pixel arranged me a three months internship in an educational public institution in Netherlands, called Landstede. This was a great opportunity for me to put into practice the knowledge gained through the classes taken in Florence. I would like to note that the host organization treated me as an integral part of the projects, thus involving me in the entire projects’ preparation and implementation phases. After completion of my internship, I returned back in Kosovo where very shortly after got engaged in two European projects in a consultancy role. Finally, I would urge the future students to use this programme best as possible as a very adequate one for those aiming to enter the European projects’ field. It does not only provide you with the right knowledge, but also triggers you to generate new ideas and how to make them happen in reality. Prishtine, Kosovo, May 2017
I. M.
European Foot Prints
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
This master analyzes the methods and techniques for successfully planning and managing European projects. The training was at a high level, with a competent group of trainers. The material was prepared well, clearly, and with interesting examples. The practical training aspect, during the class room sessions and the traineeship, outweighed the lecture parts. Which I think is the strongest point of this Master. Furthermore, the environment and the atmosphere at Pixel is very stimulating and it is a great opportunity to be able to network with a diverse range of colleagues. The internship was also a valuable resource and a great learning experience which has broadened my understanding of the European funding world. The experience I gained is the best way for my future career in European Project Planning and Management and opened up a new horizon of career options. St. Maarten Dutch Caribbean, September 2016
K. J.
Tilburg University
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The skills, expertise and experience of the trainers were impressive. The course was well managed and well organized. The classes were mostly conducted in an interactive way, with a lot of group assignments and practical exercises. The project work was useful as we could learn how project writing looks in practice. My internship was also very useful, I was employed in that company after the internship ended. I am planning to stay in this company in the future. June 2016
T. L.
University of Barcelona
Master in European Project Planning and Management - Edition 04
The Master course has been a really good personal and professional experience. I have learnt how to write and manage European projects. I met great experts in this field during the training sessions. The Master course was very practical-oriented and really connected to the working reality. The internship in Conexx-Europe in Brussels has been very rewarding and I am still working there. I recommend this master course because it can make a very positive impact in your life, in terms of working experience and acquisition of new valuable skills. Brussels, September 2016


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