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It is possible, for residents in the European Union, to apply for a grant to attend the seminar if the participant is part of a group of at least 6 people.

Grants are available in the framework of the European programme Erasmus+ Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals. The Erasmus+ Key Action 1 cover the costs for travelling to Florence and attending the International Seminar.

Information on possible grants should be asked at the National Agency in charge of the Erasmus+ Programme in the country of residence. The list of national agencies is available here.

Here are some general rules and information to be taken into account:
  • Applications must be made by the organization employing the person willing to attend the course, not by the individual.
  • Organizations can apply to send more than one participant in the same course, or to send participants in different courses.
  • Only in-service staff working in the applicant organization can be involved in the mobility activity
  • It is recommended that the applicant organization submits the request for a mobility grant involving several staff members of the same organization. However, there should be a proportionality between the number of staff involved in the mobility initiative and the total number of staff of the organization.
  • The grant application form can be downloaded from the web site of the National Agency in charge of the Erasmus+ Programme in the country of residence
  • There is only one opportunity to apply for the grant every year. The deadline is usually in February. The exact information is available on the web sites of the National Agencies mentioned above
  • In order to submit a Grant request, the applicant organization needs a PIC-Code. The self-registration wizard is available here.
For more information you can also contact Pixel secretariat at: [email protected], taking into account that the most updated information can only be provided by the National Agency.

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