" It was a great experience. "

Ashton Education
Vancouver (Canada)

Role: Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

The professors who taught us at the Master course were very interesting professionals. Learning from them was a real pleasure. I had my internship at Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland. I participated in project meetings, cooperated in research activities, wrote reports and submitted project applications. It was a great experience.
I started my own business, a consultancy firm, during the internship and it is now going well.
Moscow, June 2014

Testimonial on the Internship

My first priority was LIT, IRELAND. I was really glad to find out that I was accepted. SOON AFTER, I went to work and learn for 3 month from Ciaran Lynch, the development manager at Limerick Institute of Technology.
LIT is involved in a whole number of projects related to energy and sustainability, as well as some education and traning related projects. The internship itself was very interesting. I participated in a number of project meetings, managed and participated in the research of several different projects, wrote different reports and strategies, colloborated with project partners and submitted application, participated in conferences and workshops in different towns, and even met a president of Ireland M.D. Higgins.
Ciaran Lynch is a great person to learn from as he is a master of all trades and a former professor as well, so he has a lot of patience to explain and answer all your questions. You may also work with Seamus or other people in the team who are all very supportive and kind. It was a great experience, and I definitely miss LIT already. ... Unfortunately, I do not have European passport, otherwise, I would probably have stayed there...
Limerick (Ireland), June 2014