"The possibility to acquire new skills and to have important responsibilities represent the main strengths of this experience. "

European Investment Bank
Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Role: Disbursements Officer

Testimonial on the Master program

The possibility to acquire new skills, to have important responsibilities and to improve my English language represent the main strengths of this experience.

Testimonial on the Internship

The city of Luxembourg is well connected with the main Italian cities. The first impact with Luxembourg has been really good, as it is a nice city where transports work really well. The accommodation has been provided by the hosting institution, a single room in the University campus.

With reference to my job activities, my tutor – Ju-Youn Song – has been really helpful, in particular with the accommodation and all the information I needed. All my colleagues have been warm and I was able to create immediately a network of friends. I participated in the dissemination activities of the Web2llp project. In addition, I was involved in the administrative and budget management of several projects, acquiring new interesting skills with a particular reference to the use of social media. I have been involved in online meetings with European partners and in the organisation of the University Partnership Day.