"A first contact with the labor market in this field."

Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Barcelona (Spain)

Role: Research Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

I really enjoyed the Master course. I think it gives a relevant overview of the different funding programmes of the European Union and it offers the opportunity to work with different people since many practical activities are organized during the classroom based course. Each week you are seated in a different part of the class so that you can meet everyone and work with different colleagues each time. In my edition, there was a very good environment among us and we were happy with the skills of all teachers. The project work is quite hard but you can have a flavor of what writing a proposal means. From my point of view, one of the best things about the Master is the internship. This gives you a first contact with the labor market in this field which may open you some doors! In my case, I did find a job after the internship (not in the same place I did the internship but in a small consultancy firm in Barcelona) and I am still working with them.
September 2016

Testimonial on the Internship

I carried out the internship at LEITAT. As a scientist, I was really interested in doing the writing part and this is a technological center which really matched my interests. At LEITAT they work not only on the preparation of proposals (writing part) but also on the management of H2020 and other research and innovation national projects. So in my opinion it is a nice place to learn.
I had a very nice tutor who gave the opportunity to participate in skype and also face to face meetings. I contributed in the writing of 3 proposals they were preparing in topics related to my background so very nice, even if I wrote relatively short parts I learned and enjoyed the internship a lot. I would have liked to work with them after the internship but there was no possibility. I got an opportunity to work in the management part in another consultancy instead and I think it is also nice to have an overview of the whole project life cycle. So if you are a scientist I think Leitat is the perfect place! I wish I could come back one day! If not, it is a nice place to learn anyway!
Terrassa (Spain), September 2016