"The experiences gained have definitely enhanced my career."

BUPNET - Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk
Göttingen (Germany)

Role: Assistant European Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

The Master trainers are highly qualified as well as good presenters. The relevance of the training content was confirmed by my ability to put theory into practice during my internship. My relation with course participants was interactive, supportive and respectful. This good relationship was the basis for a successful project work. The internship was valuable. The experiences gained have definitely enhanced my career. After the Master experience The Development Concern Centre in Ghana has engaged me to collaborate in the planning and management of EU Education and Health projects in 7 Districts Assemblies of the Ministry of Local Government for the development of these deprived district communities in Northern Ghana. Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, September 2017

Testimonial on the Internship

My tutor assisted with links to search for accommodation on the Internet and informed of BUPNET’s location in the City of Gottingen. BUPNET’s work schedule was flexible, one could start at 8.00am and close at 5.0pm or start at 9.00am and close at 6.00pm. The work environment was respectful and collaborative. My tutor was always available to explain new projects, answered my questions, trusted me to write up parts of projects, which she supervised and corrected for submission. Bupnet has a team of experienced project managers, who readily answered my questions and also appreciated my contributions to the projects
Activities I carried out include: extensive desk research towards the planning and implementation of Erasmus Projects.
Essentially, there is consistency between the course content and all the above tasks assigned to me during the internship. Therefore, my over all experience indicates a learning opportunity (internship) that: improved my practical skill in project management, increased my confidence level in project management practice, learnt teamwork and collaboration in an international and multicultural setting, interacted with BUPNET’s European partners, appreciates BUPNET’s work culture, based on team and independent work for prompt delivery.

As a follow up, I have kept the contact with my tutor. We have discussed cooperation in the future of EU projects, when possible and relevant to my context and Bupnet. The internship is relevant and I recommend that the practice be maintained for future trainees.
Göttingen (Germany), September 2017