Aspire-Igen Group

Private company, Bradford (United Kingdom)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

The Aspire-Igen Group is the largest careers and training organisation in the Yorkshire region (an area with a population of over 5 million). The group is a not-for-profit social enterprise with 22 years’ experience of supporting young people and adults into employment. Levels of social deprivation in Yorkshire are among the worst in the UK, with widespread pockets of exclusion and unemployment. The group supports social inclusion and regeneration by providing a range of guidance and training services. This includes delivering vocational training programmes for NEET young people to prepare them for entry into the labour market and offer careers advice in 28 schools in the region

Testimonials on the Internship

Although delivered remote, my internship experience at Aspire-igen (The Opportunity Centre) UK has proven to be very useful and fruitful. I was mostly involved in research and project management activities, such as: conducting desk research and interviews, participating in kick- off and monthly meetings, carrying out research activities for several Erasmus+ projects Aspire-igen is coordinating and participating in, compiling drafts for national/ EU reports and financial reporting. As Aspire-igen is at the moment involved in many EU projects, being the coordinator for most of them, I had the chance of analysing different aims and priorities addressed in these. The projects I worked on target education and social inclusion of disadvantaged young people in VET and minority groups and this is a relevant background for me, as I am interested in societal topics. Moreover, all projects address the topic of innovation in delivering the project results. All members of the team were very friendly and welcoming and those whom I worked more closely with have become my mentors in the management of EU projects. Following the end of the internship, I have been offered a temporary position as a Project Assistant for the Aspire-igen International team and since then I have become responsible for two of their projects. I sincerely recommend carrying out your internship at Aspire-igen and even more so if you have the chance to attend in person. Bradford (United Kingdom), August 2021
by Alina Natalia C. (Romania)