Research centre, Oviedo (Spain)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2013

Infobótica is a research Group of excellence for research, development and innovation which belongs to Oviedo University. Infobótica is composed of a management team and adevelopment one whose employees are highly qualified, young and innovators for correct progress in the different projects we carry out. The Group is focused on Smart Home and Services Robotics creating and contributing new and innovative solutions for our national and international partners to participate in I+D +I proposals. Furthermore, Infobótica offers outsourcing collaboration in submission candidatures to get the customers’ requirements. Products and projects of Infobótica are based on use of new technologies, top market simulation appliances, and also, the offer of solutions in robotics sector , logistics and systems interoperability. Infobótica’s effort and work is continuously adapting new technology developments and real market needs. Among their main lines of research are: domo-robotics systems, robotics software engineering, interoperability protocol, Smart Home appliances, safe & care people technologies and medical appliances, embedded systems modelling, Human-Robot interfaces, agroforestry environmental and energy technologies, and logistics ones.