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Why Choose This Master?

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For 7 good reasons:

1) The training content.
The Master provides participants with practical skills for planning quality European projects applications. The participants also acquire the skills to successfully organize, manage and assess European projects.

2) The skills, experience and expertise of the international teaching staff.
The trainers involved in the Master in European Project Planning and Management represent several European countries. They all have 15 to 25 years of experience in planning, managing, assessing and auditing European projects. The trainers involved are: senior European project planners, senior European project managers, officers of the European Commission, officers of the National Agencies managing European Programmes, evaluators for the European Commission and the National Agencies, auditors of European projects etc.

3) The skills, experience and expertise of the coordinator of the Master.
Pixel, has 18 years of experience in European project planning and management and is/was directly involved in over 85 European projects funded in the framework of past and current programmes managed by the European Commission.

4) The practical approach.
Practical simulations are constantly carried out throughout the delivery of the Master course. At the end of the Master course, every participant will have contributed to the writing of a European project and to the development of a European project management strategy.

5) The International Internship.
All participants carry out a three month internship abroad, in one of the European Union’s countries. The organizations hosting the students for the internship are all actively involved in European project planning and managment and therefore every student carries out the internship with the role of Assistant European Project Manager.

6) The colleagues attending the Master.
The Master is open to graduates from all over the world. Therefore each participant works with colleagues from other countries who are likely to become future partners of projects that will be prepared and submitted.

7) The Language in which the Master is held.
The Master course is delivered in English. All teaching material is available in English, all practical simulations are held in English, the working language during the internship is English. The Master therefore gives the participants the opportunity to improve their language skills in European English.

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