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Participant per Country


Number of participants: 183

Name Typology Institution Country
E. B. Utrecht University Albania
A. M. University of Tirana Albania
I. L. University of Tirana Albania
R. L. University of Tirana, Faculty of Law Albania
E. T. University of Tirana Albania
M. M. National Legal Secretariat of the Presidency Argentina
A. A. Armenia
G. T. Yerevan State Universiy Armenia
I. V. University of Salzburg Austria
K. H. University of Vien Austria
S. A. University of Vienna Austria
J. F. Joël Ficet Belgium
R. V. Republic Commission for Determining Conflicts of Interest in the Authorities of the Republic of Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina
Z. S. University of Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Z. A. Systemcommerce Bulgaria
R. G. Breda University of Applied Sciences Bulgaria
M. V. New Bulgarian University Bulgaria
C. D. University of National and World Economy Bulgaria
M. A. University of National and World Economy Bulgaria
Y. D. Proximus Engineering Ltd. Bulgaria
D. I. European Commission Bulgaria
M. G. University of Zagreb Croatia
M. K. University of Nicosia Cyprus
D. O. Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
B. Y. Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus
L. B. Brno University of Technology Czech Republic
M. P. Independent Finland
G. O. France
E. C. Sorbonne Nouvelle France
A. L. University of Nice France
J. A. Université Jean Monnet France
N. O. Catholic University of Louvain France
J. K. Mount Kenya University France
T. S. Paris Diderot University France
E. B. University of Paris 3 - Sorbonne France
E. B. University of Paris - Sorbonne Nouvelle France
T. L. Georgian Technical University Georgia
A. G. Ostfold University College Georgia
S. E. University of Malaga Germany
B. M. University Duesseldorf Germany
M. N. University of Fribourg Ghana
G. M. Democritus University of Thrace Greece
S. B. Leiden University Greece
F. M. University of Graz Greece
M. K. Athens University of Economics and Business Greece
R. V. ''The hellenic project'' (TO ELLINIKO SHEDIO), non- profit company Greece
J. D. Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences Greece
M. D. University of Macedonia Greece
K. Z. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
F. T. The University of Melbourne Greece
S. S. National Technical University of Athens, Greece Greece
K. L. University of Pecs Hungary
N. N. India
H. B. Gujral Punjab Technical University India
K. V. Pune University India
A. C. University of Kerala India
C. B. University of Madras India
A. A. Maharishi Dayanand University India
H. O. Nottingham Tent University Iraq
M. D. University of Florence Italy
P. R. Università degli Studi Roma Tre Italy
E. F. University of Perugia Italy
L. C. University of Rome "La Sapienza" Italy
L. D. Universidad de Càdiz Italy
L. G. University of Perugia Italy
C. I. University of Palermo Italy
F. L. University of Bologna Italy
A. M. California State University Italy
F. D. Roma 3 University Italy
L. D. University of Bologna Italy
A. G. University of Bari Italy
G. P. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy
M. V. University of Trento Italy
C. C. University of Bologna Italy
F. C. University of Turin Italy
A. B. Università La Sapienza Roma Italy
C. D. University of Pisa Italy
C. B. University of Florence Italy
D. M. University of Naples Italy
A. P. University of Naples L'Orientale Italy
M. R. University of Padua Italy
A. C. University of Bologna Italy
F. C. University Ca' Foscari of Venice Italy
A. M. University of Cagliari Italy
R. P. University of Bologna Italy
G. S. University of Bologna Italy
F. P. University of Florence Italy
S. P. University of Cagliari Italy
G. M. University of Cagliari Italy
L. Q. University of Bologna Italy
A. T. LUISS Guido Carli Italy
V. Z. University of Siena Italy
P. F. University of Bologna Italy
R. I. University of Turin Italy
S. C. University of Bologna Italy
G. G. Italy
C. C. University of Bologna Italy
L. S. Paris East University Italy
F. G. Sapienza University Italy
V. L. University of Florence Italy
L. A. University Ca’ Foscari of Venice Italy
I. A. Luiss School of Government Italy
A. L. University of Bologna Italy
L. Z. University of Bologna Italy
M. B. GUS ngo Italy
V. T. University of Roma Tre Italy
A. B. University of Turin Italy
S. I. University of Rome Italy
A. D. LUISS Guido Carli University Italy
C. C. University of Salento Italy
A. T. University of Pisa Italy
I. B. University of Pisa Italy
F. S. Italy
M. T. University of Florence Italy
I. T. University of Camerino Italy
Z. Z. University of Flensburg Italy
B. S. Bernardo Starita Italy
S. Z. University of Udine Italy
A. F. Cattolica University - Milan Italy
L. Y. Fermín Toro University, Barquisimeto Italy
A. D. Università degli studi di Torino Italy
A. C. Università degli Studi di Padova Italy
G. G. University of Bologna Italy
M. C. University of Cagliari Italy
L. S. Paris East University: Institut d'Urbanisme de Paris - Ecole des Ponts ParisTech Italy
A. R. University of Cagliari Italy
S. G. Political Studies Institute - Aix-en-Provence Italy
A. B. University of Bologna Italy
A. F. University of Milan Italy
J. J. Delphia University Jordan
B. N. University of International Business Kazakhstan
J. K. Jomo Kenyatta University Kenya
S. M. Professional Business Studies of Novi Sad Kosovo
B. H. University of Prishtina Kosovo
R. M. University of Balamand Lebanon
N. A. European External Action Service - EEAS Lebanon
J. T. National Public Health Institute of Liberia Liberia
M. M. European School of Economics Libya
K. K. Vilnius University Lithuania
S. B. Luxembourg Institute of Health Luxembourg
N. R. ADVIT Moldova Moldova
L. O. Leiden University Netherlands
S. H. Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
I. M. European Foot Prints Netherlands
G. C. Air Force Academy Paraguay
K. J. Tilburg University Poland
M. I. Tischner European University Poland
A. G. University of Porto Portugal
A. P. Technical University of Lisbon Portugal
J. L. TIAC (Transparency International) Portugal
J. C. University of Porto Portugal
E. K. University of Cluj Romania
A. C. University of Bucharest Romania
A. B. University of London Romania
M. K. Nizhniy Novgorod State University Russia
T. E. Plekhanov Russian University of Moscow Russia
A. T. Seneca College Russia
R. V. University of Ljubljana Slovenia
I. R. PIA, information technologies and services Ltd. Slovenia
L. G. University of Ljubljana Slovenia
M. M. University of South Africa South Africa
A. E. University of Valencia Spain
P. M. Autonomous University of Barcelona Spain
P. G. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain
A. V. Asociación Reacción Económica Spain
O. M. University of Granada Spain
M. P. University of Barcelona Spain
A. M. Barcelona Institute of International Studies Spain
E. R. University of Barcelona Spain
C. G. University of Jaen Spain
T. L. University of Barcelona Spain
C. G. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Spain
S. V. Complutense University of Madrid Spain
E. V. Autonomous University of Barcelona Spain
C. A. Spain
K. M. Manouba University Tunisia
M. M. Hacettepe University Turkey
D. K. German University of Administration Sciences Speyer Ukraine
K. N. Kingston University of London United Kingdom
N. O. University of York United Kingdom
H. S. London University United Kingdom
A. A. University of West Scotland United Kingdom
T. G. California State University United States


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