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Objective of the Master

The objective of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management is to provide participants with the skills to successfully work in the field of European cooperation, through the use of funding for education, culture, research, innovation, energy, environment as well as external cooperation, made available by the European Commission.

The Master focuses on the following topics:
  • Analysis of European funding opportunities
  • Understanding calls for proposal
  • Development of effective project ideas
  • Identification and collection of documents for the project submission
  • Development of transnational project partnership
  • Planning the financial aspects of the project
  • Filling in Application Forms for the submission of European Projects
  • Management of relations with the partnership and with the European Commission
  • Effective project management for reaching the project expected results and planned outcomes
  • The project lifecycle and organisation
  • The logical framework approach
  • International communication and leadership
  • Quality Issues and Best Practices
  • The project evaluation process
  • Monitoring and evaluation of European Projects
  • Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability
  • Production of Activities and Financial reports
  • Project financial management
  • External auditing

The Master programme is organized in two thematic areas:
  • European Project Planning
  • European Project Management


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