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Administration and Computing in Europe

Date: 09.03.2015

 Within the framework of the Leonardo Da Vinci Sub-Programme (IVT) Angus College and Pixel organized a mobility initiative, which aimed at arranging internships with companies based in Florence focused on the following thematic area: Administration and Computing in Europe.

The objectives of the Administration and Computing in Europe Mobility Initiative were to give a group of students from technical and vocational schools the opportunity to:
• Have a practical in-company work experience
• Learn about different working methods in use of enterprises of a different country
• Acquire skills and work on the field in order to foster their future employability
• Acquire a stronger motivation to learn
• Get to know the European Labour Market

Presentation of the Study Visit

18 students from Angus College (Scotland)


  • Connectis Srl


    Connectis is a company based in Prato. It was created in 1999 by two computer engineers specialized in electronics. The company has a full time staff team of 12 people, most of them are experts in web development, the company also cooperates with a team of external experts and developers. Connectis’ core business is the creation of Internet applications addressed to public authorities operating in the field of tourism. The company is now the main technical partner of most of the Tuscan public bodies in charge of the promotion and marketing of tourism. The company develops tourism search engines, applications for the electronic transmission of data between tourism operators and public bodies etc. Connectis also develops tourism management database solutions as well as touch screen applications that are being used by public bodies in charge of tourism information. Connectis also develops internet solutions for local and regional associations of lawyers to help them in the digital connection with the Court.
    Finally Connectis develops educational online platforms as well as web sites and portal for different sectors: education, e-business, marketing etc.

  • No√® Multimedia

    Noè Multimedia srl is specialized in computer graphics, video and multimedia concerning the following sectors: medical-scientific, mechanical, artistic, cultural, transport, mobility, social communication and service. Noè Multimedia is creator of “CompAxon”, an iPad application for BtoB.

  • Webag

    Companies is a professional team of digital communication, specialized in the creation of modern, attractive and functional websites. This web agency takes care of the strategic aspects of Web Design, Web Marketing and E-commerce, providing effective solutions for companies that want to use the internet successfully.

  • Weekend in Florence


    Weekend a Firenze S.r.l. (Weekend in Florence) pioneered Italian tourism e-commerce with the first authentic Florentine goods and reservations service in 1995. Established by centuries-old Florentine families long connected to the arts of Florence, the site offers both armchair and on-the-road travelers global access to authentic, high-quality leather goods, marbled paper products, fashion accessories, art glass and ceramics, and books or interactive CDs on Italian art, culture, and history. Weekend a Firenze also offers an exclusive service not available elsewhere - on-line reservations to Florence\'s most popular museums, including the Uffizi. Weekend a Firenze is also the hub for other on-line services, including commercial Web hosting and design services for major Italian enterprises, and a chain of cyber-cafes offering convenient Internet access to Italian citizens and travelers alike.

  • Digital Design


    Digital Design was founded in 1997 in Florence thanks to an idea of Lorenzo Meriggi, who immediately understands the great opportunities and exciting possibilities that internet offered. In 15 years (and counting) of work, Digital Design created websites for many different typologies of business. Digital Design carefully follows the market trends to always offer the best solutions to its clients. The mission is to work with customers in a professional manner while still addressing the human aspect of the relationship. “In short we truly love our job”: that’s Digital Design’s payoff.

  • SoWhat


    SoWhat is a communications agency which offers consulting, development and support in the field of social, new media marketing and digital advertising through the creation and the implementation of communication campaigns and digital advertising. SoWhat supports and guides the companies in the development of strategies of O2O (Offline to Online Marketing) actions.

  • SoWire


    Sowire Studio is a web agency creative based in Florence. Founded by Valeria Marchesani and Lucio Patone in 2009 as a place to bring together graphic design, new media and photography in an experimental approach, Today Sowire Studio maintains the same philosophy and creates tailored services to its clients. Sowire Studio offers a wide range of services: creative communication, branding, photography, web design, and social media marketing.

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I. R., Angus College, UK March 2015 Internship

It is really important to have this kind of experience because it is really good to learn how to adapt to any kind of new job

P. C., Angus College, UK March 2015 Internship

I loved this experience. All my expectations were met. Only wish I could stay longer

S. G., Angus College, UK March 2015 Internship

This experience has been life changing in a very positive way. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested

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