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ELDORA Short-term Joint Staff Training Events

Date: 21.05.2018

The ELDORA Short-term Joint Staff Training Events took place in Florence as a staffmobility of the European project ELDORA. The aim of this mobility was to sensitise the participants to the situation of the social economy and social entrepreneurship in Italy. The participants had the opportunity to discuss and confront the different social entrepreneurship sector of the country partners of the project (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Italy) and visit differerent social enterprises and social actors around the Tuscany region in order to get to know several best practices and acquire knowledge for the development of the project. 

The participants came from the organisations partner of the projects.
Four people from the Slovakian Agency for the Support of the Regional Development.
Three people from Tecnhical Univesity of Kisice in Slovakia.
Four people from the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplén Country Development Agency.
Two people from the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency in Poland.


  • Social Business Lab Pistoia


    Social Business Lab (SBL) is an association which aims at promoting social activities in the local area of Pistoia since 2015. SBL pursues only social and cultural goals, fostering the culture and the activity of social businesses in different fields. SBL is a project coming from the cooperation of two Italian entities, “Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia” and “Fondazione un Raggio di Luce ONLUS”, which had the objective of creating a venture called “Pistoia Social Business City”, a programme concerning the fostering of the culture of the social entrepreneurship in the area of Pistoia, becoming in this manner, the first city in Italy where this programme has been implemented.

  • Ambulatori della Misericordia Firenze


    Ambulatori della misericordia is a social enteprises that have been operating in the field of healthcare for over half of a century. This social enteprise started its activity with private visits that throughout the years has grown and developed different type of health services such as disgnostics, physical therapy, dentistry and nursery assistance, to give some exemples. The aim is to develop better healthcare services for the citizens with prices that the latter can afford, "humanising" the assistance and the protection of the weaker categories of the Florence territory. 

  • Spazio Reale


    Spazio Reale is a social enterprises based in Florence which was established in 2004 and was recognized as social enterprise by the Italian government in 2009. Spazio Reale deals with different social sectors such as education and training, cultural services, social tourism, social assistance and integration, in order to give the youngsters of Florence and its sorroundings good opportunities and services to improve their future. 

  • CO&SO


     The cooperative Co&SO is a network of social coopertives, social enterprises, consortia and associations operating in the welfare sector in the Tuscany Region. The aim consists in create and develop a more participative society answering to the territorial needs of families and social groups in the educational and social care services. In this manner CO&SO foster the development of social cooperatives in Tuscany which aim at improving the life of the citizens and want to answer to the social needs of the Region, while sustaining the realisation of development policies in the field of social economy. 

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J.D. ARR Slovakia

 Good organisation of the meeting. It was very useful, interesting and inspiring especially for the bojectives of the project. 

J.F. RARR Poland

 The training inspired me to keep working in the field of social economy in my country. 

R.F. Bora 94 Hunagary

 Thank you for a lot of practical information regarding social economy and social entrepreneurship that can be utilsed in different countries and contexts. 

V.K. Technical University ofKosice

 The training gave new interesting perspectives to the paticipants coming from abroad. And it is also possible to trasnfer the information into the educational system. 

More information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]


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