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Call for proposals for Targeted Analysis Projects, ESPON Programme

ESPON Programme
On 3 May 2010, the Call for Proposals for Targeted Analysis Projects was published in the framework of Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme.
The Targeted Analyses activities within the ESPON Programme provide an opportunity to stakeholders for (1) enhancing their understanding of the larger territorial context, (2) making comparisons to other territories, regions and cities, and (3) hereby providing a European perspective to considerations on the development of their territories.

The defined objective of Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme is to carry out targeted analyses in partnership with policy makers showing an interest in gaining awareness of European evidence, information, experience and knowledge on common challenges related to their territorial and/or urban development.

The individual targeted analysis within the ESPON Programme shall support better informed policy decisions by:
- detailed information and practical know-how, either from a territorial part of Europe or from a sector authority.
- better knowledge of territorial development trends through new understanding of future development potentials.

The target groups for the results of this ESPON Programme’s call for proposal are:
- Policy makers
- Research institutes and universities

Projects under Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme can include the following types of action:
1) Integrated studies and thematic analysis;
2) Knowledge support to experimental and innovative actions;
3) Joint actions related to Structural Funds Programmes.

The Call for Proposals under Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme includes the following 8 themes:
- Territorial Impact Assessments (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Using Applied Results from ESPON as a Yardstick for Cross-Border Spatial Planning and Development (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Identifying and Exchanging Best Practice in Developing Regional Integrated Strategies in Europe (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Metropolisation and Polycentric Development in Central Europe (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Territorial Performance Monitoring (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Best Development Conditions in European Metropolises: Paris, Berlin, Warsaw (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Selective Migration and Unbalanced Sex Ratio in Rural Regions (budget: EUR 350,000.00)
- Smart Institutions for Territorial Developments (budget: EUR 350,000.00)

The total available budget for this call within the under Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme amounts to 2.800.000 €. One single proposal can be selected for each theme defined for the ESPON Programme.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the Call for Proposals under Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme is 28 June 2010.

Further information on Call for Proposals under Priority 2 of the ESPON Programme is available here.


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