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European Project on Justice

The JCN project

European Project on Justice

The European project JCN -  Justice Cooperation Network is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Criminal Justice Programme.

The contractor of the European Project JCN  is the German Ministry of Justice of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Pixel is the partner in charge of the project transnational coordination and  technical management.

The objective of the European project JCN Justice Cooperation Network project is to set up a European network for best practice ‎of ‎‎transition management of prisoners leaving custody with a focus on high risk ‎offenders.

The European project  JCN is organized in 5 main activities:

- Development of a common understanding of definitions in the field of high ‎risk offenders ‎and transition management.

- Comparison of existing systems of transition management. The intention is to conduct a comparative analysis of national programmes and elements of transition management systems in the partner countries involved in the JCN project.

- Analysis and evaluation of the existing programmes of transition management in the partner countries to identify best practice.

- Development of standards and a model system for managing high risk offenders in their transition from custody to the community.

- Sharing the findings of the project with countries beyond the project partners in a final conference, including all EU Member and candidate States.

The European project JCN is producing the following results: 

- Reports on workshops that are being organized.

- Findings resulting from transnational comparative analyses carried out during the workshops mentioned above.

- Newsletters to present the ongoing activities.

More information on the European project JCN is available on its website:


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