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Measures for Workers Organisations

The Call for Proposals VP/2014/002 - BUDGET HEADING 04 03 01 05 “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” has been published by the European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion DG.

The purpose of the current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call is to help workers' organisations to contribute to addressing the overarching EU employment and social policy challenges as laid down in particular in:

  • the Europe 2020 Strategy Europe 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth COM(2010)2020 and the European Council Conclusions of 25-26 March 2010 and 17 June 2010,
  • the Commission Communications Towards a job-rich recovery (COM(2012)173), Moving Youth into Employment (COM(2012)727) and Towards Social Investment for Growth and Cohesion – including implementing the European Social Fund 2014-2020 (COM(2013)83),
  • the Commission Communication Strengthening the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union (COM(2013)690).

In line with the remarks in the budget of the European Union, budget heading 04 03 01 05 is intended to cover grants for information and training measures for workers' organisations in accordance with Article 154 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.


The “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call aims to carry out measures and initiatives to strengthen the capacity of workers' organisations to address, at EU/transnational level, changes in employment, work and social dialogue related challenges, such as modernisation of the labour market, quality of work, anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring, the greening of the economy, flexicurity, skills, mobility and migration, youth employment, health and safety at work, reconciliation of work and family life, gender equality, action in the field of anti-discrimination, active ageing, healthier and longer working lives, active inclusion and decent work. Measures which contribute to addressing the employment and social dimensions of EU priorities relating to the recovery from the crisis, taking into account increasing inequalities within and between Member States, and to reaching the objectives and targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship initiatives, will be particularly welcome. The budget heading can be used to finance actions involving representatives of workers' organisations from the Candidate Countries. It is also intended to promote equal participation of women and men in the decision-making bodies of workers' organisations.


Under the current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call for proposals, the following proposals are eligible:

  • proposals submitted by the deadline indicated in section 2.1 (both electronically and on paper),

proposals submitted on-line before being printed, and sent in 2 copies as a paper application duly signed (one original dossier and one copy of all submitted documents). Please see section 3.2 for further details on the submission of the application,

  • proposals which are complete and include all the documents indicated in the table in Annex II.

Applicants should note that the Evaluation Committee will not examine applications lacking one or more of these documents. Please note that for the following documents, the official templates, which can be accessed via the SWIM electronic application form, must be used: declaration on honour; letter of mandate; financial identification form; legal entity form; letter of commitment; form concerning contracts for implementing the action.


Only applicants who meet the following requirements are eligible in the framework of the current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call for proposals:

  • The lead applicant must be a social partner organisation representing workers, at European, national or regional level,
  • The lead applicant must have its registered office in one of the Member States of the European Union,
  • Co-applicants must have their registered office in one of the Member States or Candidate Countries,
  • Applicants must be properly constituted and registered legal persons. In application of Article 131 of the Financial Regulation, workers' organisations without legal personality are also eligible provided that the conditions of the Financial Regulation related thereto are met.


The foreseen budgetary allocation to this current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call is EUR 4 140 000. The European Commission reserves the right not to disburse the total available funds. Applications will be examined and selected taking account of the remarks in the EU budget and the criteria laid down in this document. Access for people with disabilities should be guaranteed for measures funded under this call for proposals. Under this current call for proposals, the European Commission may decide to finance up to 90% of the total eligible cost of the action. Applications which request a grant of more than 90% of the total eligible cost will not be considered. The requested Union funding must not be less than EUR 108.000.


The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call for proposals is 6 June 2014.


Further information on the current “Information and Training Measures for Workers' Organisations” call for proposals is available on the European Commission’s web site at:


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