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European Programme Erasmus Mundus

The European programme Erasmus Mundus  promotes European higher education, to help improve and enhance the career prospects of students and to promote intercultural understanding through cooperation with third countries, in accordance with EU external policy objectives in order to contribute to the sustainable development of third countries in the field of higher education.

The Objectives of this  Erasmus Mundus Programme Call for proposal are:

- to promote structured cooperation between higher education institutions and an offer of enhanced quality in higher education, attractive both within the European Union and beyond its borders

- to contribute to the mutual enrichment of societies by developing the qualifications of women/men so that they possess appropriate skills through promoting mobility for the most talented students and academics from third countries for the most talented European students and academics towards third countries

- to contribute towards the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity of higher education institutions in third countries through increased mobility streams between the European Union and third countries

- to improve accessibility and enhance the profile and visibility of European higher education around the world as well as its attractiveness for third country nationals and citizens of the Union.

The priorities of this Erasmus Mundus Programme Call for proposal are:

- Action 2 — Erasmus Mundus partnerships

- Action 3 — Promotion of European Higher Education

The eligible actions that can be funded within this Erasmus Mundus Programme’s call for proposal are:

For Action 2

- organisation and implementation of student and staff mobility at all levels of higher education, the provision of education/training and other services to foreign students and teaching/training and research assignments and other services to staff from the country/-ies covered by the project for action 2.

For Action 3

- projects relating to countries or groups of countries that have international student flows;

- projects aiming at developing information and communication tools designed to increase the visibility of European higher education internationally;

- support for events, campaigns or road shows to disseminate and exploit results bringing together projects and potential third-country users with a particular emphasis on promoting European Higher Education;

- projects designed to improve the accessibility of European Higher Education, to facilitate mobility to Europe for third-country students, or to improve the services relating to overseas students;

- development of information kits or innovative instruments on the following themes:

- information, promotion and/or dissemination events (seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.)

The Eligible participants within this Erasmus Mundus Programme’s call for proposal are:

- Consortia of European Higher Education Institutions; Higher Education Institutions from the third-countries targeted in the corresponding lot; Consortia of Higher Education Institutions covering two or more countries/territories of the 62 Corresponding lot for Action 2

- Erasmus Mundus consortia; Public or private bodies active in the field of higher education from all countries of the world; Erasmus Thematic Networks selected under the Erasmus strand of the Lifelong Learning Programme for Action 3.

The overall budget under this Erasmus Mundus Programme call for proposals is EUR 194, 1595 million for Action 2 and EUR 2 million for Action 3. The financial contribution from the Agency, as far as action 3 is concerned, cannot exceed 75 % of the total eligible costs.

The deadline for submitting applications under the current Erasmus Mundus Programme Call for Proposals is 15 April 2013.

Further information on the current Call for Proposals of the EACEA/42/11 Programme is available at:


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