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European Programme MEDIA Mundus The third call for proposals “MEDIA Mundus” has been published by the European Commission in the framework of the European Programme MEDIA.

The European Programme MEDIA is the EU support programme for the European audiovisual industry. It co-finances training initiatives for audiovisual industry professionals, the development of production projects (feature films, television drama, documentaries, animation and new media), as well as the promotion of European audiovisual works.

The objectives of the “MEDIA Mundus” call for papers are:
- to increase the competitiveness of the European audiovisual industry,
- to enable Europe to play its cultural and political role in the world more effectively and to increase consumer choice and cultural diversity.
The European Programme MEDIA Mundus seek to improve access to third-country markets and to build trust and long-term working relationships.

The actions that can be funded within the European Programme MEDIA are:
- Action 1 — Support for training: this action aims at strengthening the skills of European and third-country professionals:
- Action 2 — Support for market access: this action supports projects to promote access to international  markets for audiovisual works. These projects concern the development and/or pre-production phases (for example international co-production markets) and activities downstream (events facilitating international sales of the works).
- Action 3 — Support for distribution and circulation: this action aims at encouraging distribution, promotion, screening and diffusion of European works in third-country markets and of audiovisual works from third countries in Europe under optimum conditions.
- Action 4 — Cross-over activities: this action aims at supporting projects of a cross-cutting nature, i.e. touching upon several priorities of this programme, e.g. trainings with subsequent pitching events at co- production meetings.

This “MEDIA Mundus” call covers projects starting between 1 February 2013 and 30 June 2014 and projects must be completed by 1 October 2014 at the latest. Preparatory costs for the projects are eligible at the earliest as of 1 January 2012.

Eligible candidates within this “MEDIA Mundus” call for proposal are specifically defined. Projects to be funded under MEDIA Mundus must:
- be proposed and implemented jointly by European and third-country professionals in order to qualify for funding under the programme,
- seek to promote international networking. To this end, except for projects submitted under Action 1 — Option 1, each project must be driven and implemented by a group meeting three criteria:
1) the group shall have a minimum of three partners (including the coordinator). However, projects with only two partners (including the coordinator) may be admitted where the necessary networking is guaranteed. The networking is guaranteed if the coordinator of the project is a European network of audiovisual professionals/companies covering more than 10 European Member States;
2) the coordinator of the group must have its registered office in a Member State of the European Union or of Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.
3) the group must include at least one co-beneficiary linked to the audiovisual sector which has its registered office in a non-EU country (other than Croatia and Switzerland). Applications from ‘natural persons’ (individuals) are not eligible.

The total budget available under this call for proposals is EUR 4 626 000. The financial support from the Commission cannot exceed 50 %, 60 % or 70 % of the total eligible costs, depending on the nature of the activity. The financial contribution will be awarded in the form of a grant.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current call for proposals in the framework of the MEDIA Programme  is 28 September 2012.

Further information on the current “MEDIA Mundus” call for proposals is available on the European Commission’s web site at:


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