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The Call for Proposals for “Reinforce learning networks for a more effective implementation of transnational actions under the ESF 2007- 2013” has been published,  in the framework of the European Programme Progress, by the European Commission (Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG).

European Social Fund (ESF) funding is channeled to Member States and their regions to support national and regional Operational Programmes. Collaborating and sharing experiences across borders, whether national, regional or organizational, is an effective way to access new ideas, innovative approaches and new skills.

On the basis of the experience acquired so far through the Learning Networks established under the 2008 and 2009 calls for proposals, the present call of the European Commission intends to facilitate the development of sustainable, open and participative networks on themes and issues relevant for delivering the Europe 2020 agenda, having as specific objectives:
- improving the quality and efficiency of Structural Funds programs and their impact on employment and social inclusion across the whole Union;
- contributing to policy development at EU level, particularly in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy and its 'Flagship Initiatives'.

The current  call for Proposals of the European Programme Progress includes the following priorities:
- exploiting opportunities for programme managers, strategic stakeholders, governmental departments in charge of policies supported under the ESF and practitioners, for learning from one another, and with each other;
- capitalizing on good practice under the ESF Operational Programmes (in particular from innovative action and transnational cooperation);
- transforming common learning into policy messages related to the specific theme/issue.

Eligible applicants to the current call for proposal “Reinforce learning networks for a more effective implementation of transnational actions under the ESF 2007- 2013” are:
- ESF Managing Authorities, designated pursuant to Art 59 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006
- Intermediate Bodies
- Public administrations in charge of policy supported under the ESF.

An Intermediate Body may apply to the current call for proposal under the ESF 2007- 2013 provided that:
- it is a public authority (at national or regional level); and
- it has been designated to carry out tasks referred to in Art. 60 a) to c) of Council Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006, and is responsible – for the territory of the OP in question – in particular for selecting, promoting, analysing, monitoring and supporting actions, for the priority axis related to the key issues of the network;
- it has been mandated by the relevant ESF Managing Authority to submit a proposal under this call.

The actions that can be funded within the  Progress Programme  can include:
- to facilitate exchange of practice, experience, tools and plans between the network partners and their peers across Europe
- to provide training opportunities to their members, particularly on issues related to the management of a European level network; on the policy domain of the network; and on the broader EU level policy context
- to build on the capacities established by the network partners to monitor, validate and document good practice, and to test it in different contexts
- to generate results that can be used by the network partners and policy makers for improving the quality, efficiency and impact of ESF programmes and the policies that they support
- to support the development of a stable two-way bridge between good practice on the ground, effective implementation and results of Operational Programmes, and policy issues and actions at EU level.

The total budget available for this call within the Progress Programme  amounts to a maximum of € 2.5 million, set aside for commitments in 2012. According to the quality of applications received, the number of accepted networks should be between five and eight.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current call for Proposals in the framework of the Progress Programme  is 14 September 2012.

Further information on the current Call for Proposals of the Progress Programme  is available on the European Commission’s web site at:


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